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Please find below a selection of school feedback regarding Teaching Personnel's Tuition-Works Service.  We receive regular feedback from our client schools and this feedback is a valuable source of information, which helps us to continually improve our service.


"I have a meeting on Friday to confirm whether or not I have funding for next year. Once I have done that I will be in touch so that we can get ahead of the game and be a lot more organised.

I have to say that your tutors have been amazing. They have been flexible and patient - exactly the type of people we need in a school where lots is happening and we have to accept the unusual as the usual.

Once I know about the funding, if any of the same tutors would be free to work with us next year they would be more than welcome". Best Wishes - Eileen - Assistant Principal: Bristol Metropolitan Academy


"I would add that the use of your agency has been great for us: It simplifies a potentially complex and long-winded recruitment process, Sophie has been brilliant- she is an experienced Y6 teacher and although the tuition relationship is a different one to the class teacher one, the children love the experience of spending the hour with her.

The children have shown improvements across the board from the increased confidence the tuition experience has given them".Best wishes - John Draper - Headteacher: Swaythling School.


"Erith School is in the "Making Good Progress" pilot. One key aspect of the pilot is to recruit tutors for ‘One to One' sessions.  After a long search, Teaching Personnel came up trumps and provided a reliable, highly effective group of teachers who have met our needs admirably.  Our ‘One to One' tuition is now a huge success!" Simon Price-Whittle - Deputy Head Teacher: Erith School


"I was very impressed with 'Teaching Personnel'; professional, supportive and well organised. They were clearly ahead of the game in the provision of one-to-one tuition for our school compared to other agencies. The tutors were great and built quick and supportive relationships with our teachers, parents and children. The 'Individual Tuition Plan' and 'Passport to Success' provided an ideal framework to monitor provision. The children gained confidence very quickly and were able to transfer their new skills into their learning, helping the vast majority to hit their age-related expectation of level 4. We could not have achieved this without the continued support of all the team at Teaching Personnel. Many thanks to the tutors and to Sally and her team for helping to make it happen."Andy Cosslett - Headteacher: St Mary's in Ware


"In the spring term Cheetwood Primary School was invited to take part in a programme called One to One Tuition for Year 6 Pupils.  This was part of a national funding stream to support those children who, despite our best efforts, were unlikely to attain L4 in both English and Maths at the end of KS2 or who would not secure 2 levels of progress across KS2.  We were very keen to be part of this programme (particularly as it was fully funded) and so we selected 6 pupils who each received 10 hours additional one to one tuition time prior to the SATs tests.

At the time we had to move very quickly to implement this programme as the Y6 SATs was only 5 working weeks away and to have any impact on the children's progress we needed to find a suitable teacher to undertake the one to one work urgently.

We were not able to use a teacher from within our own school and so the Local Authority recommended the Teaching Personnel agency who could provide a teacher if necessary.

I found Teaching Personnel to be very accommodating and supportive in this matter.  They understood the urgency of the situation and provided me with a supply teacher almost immediately.  This supply teacher had also attended a briefing about the one to one tuition, which definitely reduced the need for us to have to explain the programme in any great detail.  The supply teacher we used was very flexible and able to work around our existing school timetable (so that pupils did not miss any of their normal English or maths lessons nor have one to one tuition during playtimes or dinner times).  I did not need the supply teacher for the standard full day, but again to fit in with our existing timetable, required the teacher to work a shorter day.  The agency was very sympathetic to this and was happy to negotiate a reduced charge.

The quality of the teacher was also very high.  He was very committed to the role and never missed a session.  He built excellent relationships with all of the pupils.  Although the "proof will be in the pudding" i.e. what each pupil gets within their SATs, teacher assessment has evaluated that all of the pupils who took part in the programme made 1 sub level progress and in some cases 2 sub levels, which for an extra 10 hours tuition per child is excellent progress.

As this teacher's teaching was of such a high standard I have since used this teacher for other supply purposes in my school.  Teaching Personnel is not an agency I have used before the one to one tuition programme, but because of its very good service I am also now starting to use the agency for other supply teacher requirements." Barbara Oxton - Headteacher: Cheetwood Community Primary School


"I have worked with Teaching Personnel since September 2007.  Throughout, I have found them to be highly efficient and rapid in their response to supply teacher or support staff requests.  They always make every effort to meet a school's needs and to allocate staff that a school consistently prefer.

As part of the Making Good Progress Pilot Project, I worked closely with Teaching Personnel in Autumn 2007 to deliver individual pupil tuition.  The Agency provided all the necessary tutors and supporting timetables, and kept in regular contact, sorting all short-notice issues.  During the Autumn Term, the tuition was weekdays, after-school, meaning a very late finish.

During this term, I have arranged, again with Teaching Personnel, for the tuition to take place on a Saturday between 9am and 1pm, when the school is already open for a Dance Letting.  This makes it easier for Tutors to guarantee attendance and for Tuttees to receive tuition during the day, rather than as an add-on to a busy school day.K Quigley - Headteacher: Toner Avenue Primary School


"I am writing to say many thanks for all your hard work in helping to organise our one to one tutoring for the making good progress pilot.  I was able to say what we wanted and how many pupils would need tutoring and you responded with enthusiasm and efficiency, organising staff and dates for preparation meetings and feedback sessions.

The efficiency of Teaching Personnel, yourselves and your tutors saves me an enormous amount of time and stress.  We would be happy to use your services again in the future" Karen Lambert - Deputy Head Brampton Primary School

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