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Tutor Assignments

It is vital that tuition programmes are designed to meet individual pupil's requirements.  The programme for each child should be agreed between the pupil's class teacher and the tutor.

What types of tuition are available?

One-to-One Tuition

A Price Waterhouse Coopers report on the effectiveness of one-to-one tuition concluded that this type of teaching and learning can be highly effective.  The headline conclusions from a survey carried out as part of this study said:

Tuition appeared to have had a positive impact on pupil engagement. Nine out of ten tutors and 72% of teachers surveyed believed one-to-one tuition had supported primary and secondary school pupils to become more engaged in their own learning and progression. Pupils themselves echoed this finding. The positive ripple effect of tuition was most commonly attributed to increased confidence, resulting in pupils trying harder and performing better in class".

Mirroring the success of the national programme of one-to-one tuition, we ask schools, where possible, to block programmes of tuition into 10 one hour sessions for each pupil.  This ensures each pupil receives maximum benefit and significantly improves the likelihood of raising a pupil's level of attainment.  We also believe the most effective programmes require tutors to spend an hour with the child's class teacher prior to the commencement of tuition and once the ten hours have been delivered.  This ensures planning and evaluation are given the appropriate level of consideration and the best outcomes are delivered

Small Group Tuition Sessions

For some schools, tuition on a one-to-one basis may not be feasible and in some instances, pupils prefer to be in small groups when receiving additional support.  Tuition-Works assists schools wishing to offer pupils the opportunity to ‘catch up' with their peers and further accelerate their learning in a group learning environment.  The chosen tutor should attend a full day of preparation with the relevant class teacher(s) in order to agree the learning objectives for each pupil.  Tutors will then work to a set plan and feedback on learning outcomes at the end of each group tuition programme.

The length of these assignments will vary depending on the number and size of each group of pupils.

Holiday Revision Courses

Tuition-Works offers schools and pupils the opportunity to raise attainment through attendance at school holiday revision courses.  There is widespread belief within the increasingly competitive further and higher education market, that revision courses can offer pupils of all ages the additional support to help them reach their full potential.  Tuition-Works also supports schools introducing summer schools for Year 7 pupils during their transition from primary to secondary school.

These assignments will provide tutors with income during school holiday periods as well as providing a valuable boost to learning for each pupil.

Additional Support for Looked After Children

Where schools have ‘Looked After Children' at the school, Tuition-Works can provide tutors to provide additional teaching support to these pupils where required.  These assignments will vary in length and could take place during the school day, at weekends, during school holidays and possibility in the evenings.  Whilst the majority of assignments will be on school premises, tutors may also be asked to tutor at the pupil's home.

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