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Tutor Resources

To ensure the success of each tuition programme can be measured, a number of key documents have been created for teachers, tutors and pupils.  These documents should be utilised by Teaching Personnel tutors and include:

Individual Tutoring Plan (ITP)

The ITP is a personalised programme devised between the class teacher and the tutor for each pupil receiving tuition. It will be used to identify areas for development and support, tuition targets and evaluation methods.

Download a blank ITP here

Pupil Passport

The Pupil Passport is a record/diary of all tutoring received and is completed by the tutor in liaison with the class teacher. Ideally the passport will be kept by the pupil as a record of their tuition and progress through the programme.  The pupil will share the information on their passport with their parents, class teacher and tutor.

Download a blank Pupil Passport here.

Other Helpful Resources

Timesheet for tuition outside of normal school hours

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