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One-to-One Tuition

A Price Waterhouse Coopers report on the effectiveness of one-to-one tuition concluded that this type of teaching and learning can be highly effective.  The headline conclusions from a survey carried out as part of this study said:

"Tuition appeared to have had a positive impact on pupil engagement. Nine out of ten tutors and 72% of teachers surveyed believed one-to-one tuition had supported primary and secondary school pupils to become more engaged in their own learning and progression. Pupils themselves echoed this finding. The positive ripple effect of tuition was most commonly attributed to increased confidence, resulting in pupils trying harder and performing better in class".

Through our Tuition-Works service Teaching Personnel can provide you with qualified teachers and specialist tutors to help you implement effective programmes of one-to-one tuition.

Our candidates can provide support students across different year groups and specialisms, whether this be Year 7 Catch-Up, supporting a Looked After Child with their learning, raising attainment levels for disadvantaged students, or delivering valuable revision support prior to SATs, Phonics Testing, and GCSE or A Level Exams.

Tuition can be booked from a minimum of three hours and up to as long as it is needed so it is completely flexible and extremely cost-effective, allowing you to focus on delivering high-impact tuition for improved results.


Small Group Tuition

For some schools, tuition on a one-to-one basis may not be feasible and in some instances, pupils prefer to be in small groups when receiving additional support.  Tuition-Works can assist schools wishing to offer pupils the opportunity to ‘catch up’ with their peers and further accelerate their learning in a group learning environment. On a small group basis, we are able to provide tutors for interventions in maths and English as well as other curriculum subjects. Based on input from your classteachers our tutors will work to a set plan and feedback on learning outcomes at the end of each group tuition programme.

Holiday Revision Courses

Tuition-Works offers schools and pupils the opportunity to raise attainment through attendance at school holiday revision courses. There is widespread belief within the increasingly competitive further and higher education market, that revision courses can offer pupils of all ages the additional support to help them reach their full potential. 

Summer Schools

With funding now available to help Year 7 pupils with the transition from primary to secondary school, Tuition-Works can provide schools with high calibre teachers and learning support assistants during the summer holidays.  Our summer school provision is not restricted to this age group and we are eager to support any school with their summer school staffing requirements.

Additional Support for Looked After Children

It is likely that you will be working closely with your local authority to ensure ‘Looked After Children’   that require extra support, receive extra support!  Teaching Personnel has provided tutors specifically to help ‘Looked After Children’ and our Tuition-Works service can help you provide teachers and teaching assistants to ensure those who would benefit have access to a range of additional tuition opportunities.

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